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Welcome to James McGrew's photography website. Services include stock and commercial, fine art prints, editorial content, custom and Sr. portraits, dance/sports/performance event photography, photoshop work/photo restoration, retouching, design, artwork reproduction, and fine giclee printmaking.

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James McGrew's award winning work hangs in collections around the world and has shown in top competitions, exhibitions, museums and galleries including many solo shows. His work has been published in many formats including print, video, signs, brochures, and fine art reproductions with clients ranging from individuals to corporate and government agencies. He focuses on nature (especially Yosemite and other western National Parks), wildlife, dance, and sports.

"My goal is to convey a sense of emotion, movement and life thats closer to human vision and experience than previously possible with traditional photography. I think of my photography and oil painting as the two halves of a symbiosis in which they each influence and benefit the other, together teaching me to see the distortions and flaws in all photographic equipment as merely recording devices. I often paint en plein air at the same times I'm capturing photographs. Later in the studio I use the plein air paintings as faithful references as I make adjustments to RAW files and layers of filters and masks in Photoshop en route to creating the final print which is closer to my vision and memory from an experience."

For licensing, downloads, or custom prints please contact James directly:
james (at) mcgrew-art (dot) com.
P.O. Box 1281
Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Each year, James teaches several workshops among the spectacular beauty of Yosemite National Park and in the Pacific Northwest. For the latest details, please visit:

For updates on events, workshops, exhibits and show openings, please register for the electronic newsletter on James' fine art painting website:

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